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AT&T Mail Notification and Search Extension
The AT&T Mail Notification extension optimizes your Chrome browsing experience by alerting you when a new message is received. The extension also provides one-click access to your inbox and sets the Chrome browser's default search to on Windows PC.
Download New Tab and Search Set
The New Tab and Search Set extension optimizes your Chrome browsing experience by setting your search provider and new tab page to Provides quick and easy access to the homepage where you can get the content you love.
AT&T Parental Controls
AT&T Parental Controls enables parents to customize access to Websites, E-mail, Instant Messaging, Chat, Message Boards, Games, News Groups, Personals and File Sharing activities for each family member. Plus, you can even set time limits for access to the Internet!
AT&T Troubleshoot and Resolve
This tool will help you quickly identify, resolve, and repair issues with your AT&T U-verse® or DSL Service, such as Internet connection, email set-up and U-Verse TV & remote control issues.
AT&T PC Maintenance Toolbox
Comprehensive, fast, and easy to use, AT&T PC Maintenance Toolbox will scan your computer for issues that might be slowing it down. The free tool also provides suggestions for resolution based on your unique scan results.
AT&T Internet Security Suite powered by McAfee®
Protect you and your family’s PC and personal data from hackers, viruses, spyware and other malicious threats with the AT&T Internet Security Suite—powered by McAfee®.
Yahoo Messenger
Connect in real-time with friends by sending instant messages, sharing files, making voice calls and more.
Flickr Uploadr
Flickr desktop Uploadr sits on your desktop for heftier uploading needs or offline photo management. Drag and drop single photos or videos, or select a whole folder.